Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Life in the Balance - Haiku

Life in the balance
Helpless without direction
My path uncertain


Hi all, i'm back from another trip to West Africa, i'm living the life of Bear Grylls at the moment, running up and down mountans in the wildrness mixing it with dangerous snakes, spiders and nasty insects that see you as the next meal. I'll return when I get chance, its been a crazy year!

I hope my fellow blogging friends are all well and i'll catch up with you all soon :) x

Note: the pic is of me on the edge of the awesome Half Dome in Yosemite National Park USA

Monday, 13 February 2012

I'm back from Africa :) for less than a week

Hi friends,

After 5 weeks i've returned home safe and sound from the Republic of Guinea. It is however a brief rest bite, as I return to Guinea again on Sunday for another 3 week project. 

Its been yet another eye opening and purely awe inspiring experience to a place where smiles are worth their weight in gold, and friendship is far more than superficial, its a life long bond of mutual respect. 

I've felt the warm breath of the sun caress my soul as I've sat motionless looking across a never ending vista into a firey heart. I've engaged in work tasks in areas owned by nature and its guardians, where mans presence either goes un-noticed or can be deemed a complication by its indigenous population of both flora and fauna. I've walked through utopia and have been blessed with sights I will take to my grave and in contrast I've been exposed to a vast array of natures demons that may dictate the length of your life!!!

So yet again I shall bid you all farewell for another month. I've now got to remove myself from the internet and dedicate my remaining time to extensive planning, logistics and preparations before my boarding gate is called.. 

Be safe everyone and I will check out your blogs when I return in March x 

Friday, 6 January 2012

West Africa here I come!!!

Hi friends and readers,

In the past couple of months my life has accelerated at warp speed proportions which has resulted in me being very quiet in Blogland. 2012 is already beginning to look pretty epic, and on Sunday I fly out to work in West Africa for a month. I'll be working in a very remote location, so internet connection will be very limited and blogging non existent. I will be continuing to return to Africa and the UK during 2012, so I will endeavour to read blogs as soon as I can. I will catch you all on the other side as soon as the great internet signals in the sky converge on an area where my laptop is residing.

I wish everyone best wishes for 2012.. keep the creative juices flowing....

♥ Peace, Love and Harmony ♥

Right let the packing commence :)) x